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5 Ways to Clean Up Computer Cable Clutter

Cable clutter is the curse of the modern work desk. Even though we try to go as wireless as possible, there are still plenty of cords snaking around our desks. It's time to manage these misfit cords once and for all.

The five steps to managing your computer cable clutter are:

  1. Hide power strips and surge protectors.
  2. Collect and tie the cables together.
  3. Shorten cable length.
  4. Hold unused cables in place.
  5. Label the cables.

1. Hide power strips and surge protectors.

Power strips and surge protectors are designed for functionality, not for aesthetic purposes. But, you shouldn't get rid of them just because it's an eyesore. Covering them up is the first start of your cable clutter management journey.


CableBox is a cable organizer that hides messy, loose, tangled cables under the desk, next to the computer, or behind the TV. CableBox works with both wide and long surge protectors.

CableBox Mini

CableBox Mini is a smaller version of the CableBox to hide untidy, loose, tangled cables atop your desk or in smaller spaces.

CableBox Mini Station

Building on the Cablebox Mini, CableBox Mini Station is designed to hide power strips, chargers, and more. An integrated device stands on the top holds your smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. Pass-through slots located on the sides allow for charging cables to power your devices. An included 4-socket surge protector gives you a perfectly sized power strip to plug in your most essential accessories.

2. Collect and tie the cables together.

Now that the power strip and surge protector are out of the way, let’s deal with the mess of tangled cords laying around. First, identify the cords that are going to stay there permanently, or for a long time. Collect them together and then bunch them up, and then remove the excess cords.

The Soba

Wave goodbye to that mangled mess of wires running from the back of your computer. The Soba zips loose cables up and consolidates them into a single tube that can be routed and affixed along walls, under desks, anywhere you have multiple cables running that you want to tidy up.

The Pixi

Never go in search of scissors to cut another zip tie again. The Pixi is an adjustable and reusable tie that can be used on anything imaginable. From cables to cooking utensils, the Pixi has you covered.

3. Shorten cable length

The mess under your desk is finally out of sight, out of mind. Now, it's time to take care of the cables still sitting on your desk. You still need them to be there, but their long cords are taking up too much space. You need a temporary solution to shorten their length.

The CableClip

CableClip secures cables in a compact bundle for use at home, in the office or on the go. The CableClip comes in small, medium, and large sizes, perfect for any size cable.

4. Keep cables in place, for whenever you'll need them

Now that we've gotten all of the large bulky cords out of the way, let's focus on the cables we use on a daily basis. We can totally understand the frustration of losing your phone charger behind your desk, and we have the solution for you.

The CableDrop

CableDrops put an end to the insanity of chasing that cable that seems to slip and disappear behind every flat surface, day after day. CableDrops affix to desks, walls, and nightstands to keep your cables in place so they're there when you need them. Simply peel and stick CableDrops anywhere you need them. For keeping more than one cable in place, check out our CableDrop Multi, which holds up to 4 cords.

5. Label the cables.

It's finally coming together. Our perfect desk is almost complete. Just one thing you can't forget: label your cables. Imagine thinking you're unplugging your printer when you're actually unplugging your PC. Hours of work that could've been saved, if only you labeled your cables.

Cable Ties

Cables Ties are the perfect way to color-code and secure your cables. Just wrap, secure, and hang. The smart, proprietary designed ring is not only for hanging but gives you the power to bundle multiple items together.

These cable management tips will go a long way in your office towards reducing clutter and increasing productivity throughout each day.