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Give Dad the Gift of a Clutter-Free Home This Father’s Day

Dad deserves the best. He's shared his wisdom, guidance, and bad jokes. So give him the cord management solutions he didn't know he needed. Here are some cool doodads we know would make his wish list.


Something for both of you.

Cableyoyo takes all that cable slack from your earbuds and keeps it neatly wrapped for tangle-free earbuds in a convenient, pocket-friendly spool.

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$4.98 for 2!

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Now he won’t trip over those pesky cords you have coming out of everything.

Comes in regular, mini and mini station.

CableBox is a cable organizer that hides messy, loose, tangled cables under the desk, next to the computer, or behind the TV. CableBox works with both wide and long surge protectors.



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CableBox Mini


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CableBox Mini Station


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Soba and CableBox go together like PB&J.

Soba zips loose cables up and consolidates them into a single tube that can be routed and affixed along walls, under desks, anywhere you have multiple cables running that you want to tidy up.


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The Pixi

Never go in search of scissors to cut another zip tie again.

The Pixi is an adjustable and reusable tie that can be used on anything imaginable. From cables to cooking utensils, the Pixi has you covered. Just think of the possibilities!


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The CableDrop

Keep Wires Where You Want Them

Phone charger cable always falling off the nightstand? We hear you. CableDrops put an end to the insanity of chasing that cable that seems to slip and disappear behind every flat surface. CableDrops affix to desks, walls, and nightstands to keep your cables in place so they're there when you need them.


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