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Poor Cable Management is an Accident Waiting to Happen

Please, no "fall la-la-la" for the holidays

As we get into the full swing of the December holiday season, the folks at Bluelounge are planning on friends, family, and other loved ones coming over to our homes. We imagine you'll be doing the same scramble as us, making things look neat, tidy, and safe for all.

The CPSC estimates that each year, about 4,000 injuries associated with electric extension cords result in hospital emergency room visits. There are even more chilling statistics about fires and the damages they cause. Please take a few moments to look at your electrical, computer, and phone cables and see if they're stored and they don't pose an unnecessary risk.

Let's take a look at the three main areas for cable-related accidents and how you can quickly and easily solve them - and make your home or office look awesome for the holidays.

1. Tripping over unorganized cables - the 2nd most common workplace injury

According to industry safety advocate, Arbill, the second most common cause of workplace injuries in the US, is tripping and falling because of wires and cables that are not properly organized and hidden. 


The Soba zips loose cables up and consolidates them into a single tube that can be routed and affixed along walls, under desks, anywhere you have multiple cables running that you want to tidy up.


Quickly, easily, and securely bind together cables, extension cords, camping gear and more.

2. Cats and Dogs - Pets chew on more than just bones.

There are also less-obvious dangers that come from pets chewing on household cables. In addition to being naturally playful and inquisitive, most dogs and cats also love to gnaw things… but play can become dangerous very quickly if your pet decides to sink its teeth into an electrical cord.

The easy solution is to hide and protect your cables. The Soba zips loose wires together. It consolidates them into a single tube that can be routed and affixed along walls, under desks, anywhere you have multiple cables running that you want to secure and tidy up.

The CableBox hides messy, loose, tangled cables under the desk, next to the computer, or behind the TV.

In addition to bundling and hiding your cables, a few chew toys couldn't hurt.


The CableDrop grasps peripheral cables to keep them in place, routed, and within reach wherever you may need them - and away from pets.

Cable Ties

Unruly cords? Tame the mess and hang it out to dry with Cable Ties.

Socket Station

A socket accessory shelf with built in cable management.

3. Small children are magnets to loose wires

Small children and cables are not a safe combination. They can pull down appliances, get tangled in electrical cords, and even trip over loose wires.

Many parents cover unused outlets to protect their children from shock, but precautions shouldn't end there. There is also a less-obvious danger that comes from small children tripping, pulling, and even chewing on household cables.

13% of electric cable-related injuries involve children less than five years of age; many result in injury to their mouth. Solutions do not have to be complicated or time-consuming: In less than 10 minutes you can hide and secure them.


The CableBox for an average amount of power strips and plugs

CableBox Mini

For light and small home office setups. If you have just a few wires and plugs to tuck away, this is your best option.

Cablebox Mini Station

Designed for your desktop to hide power strips, chargers, and more. Integrated device stands on the top hold your smartphones, tablets, and notebooks.

Keep your family safe during the holiday season.

We want you to stay safe, especially during the holiday season. Entertaining people during the holidays is supposed to be fun. The last thing you'd want is to move the party to the Emergency Room or call the fire department. 

Always remember - there are two truths to consider with your holiday visitors:

  • Household cords love tripping unsuspecting visitors.
  • None of your guests watch where they're going.

Spend just a few moments cleaning up the wire-clutter. It's fast, easy, and you'll avoid that trip to the ER. 

Have a safe and happy holiday season!