Posto 2.0
Posto 2.0
Posto 2.0


Posto 2.0

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The Posto 2.0 is a desktop headphone stand with a simple, clean, modern design that holds wired and wireless headphones of all sizes. The Integrated wire wrap ensures your cables are always within reach.

Posto is 10 Inches (H) x 4.12 Inches (W) x 4.12 Inches (D).

Strong Construction - No Skid Feet

A hallmark of a Bluelounge product is the use of high quality, thoughtful materials. The new Posto was created using T6 aircraft-grade aluminum for its lightweight, incredibly durable, long-lasting properties. On the bottom, we use high-tech Japanese micro-suction feet, so the Posto stays in place, but leaves zero residue or markings when you move it - it just grips to the surface.

Simple Design - Saves Space

We spent months designing the new version of Posto to look beautiful at home, at your office, or in your studio. Your headphones and headsets remain off of your desk, giving you a much-needed boost in desktop space and keeps them organized. The low profile cord wrap makes wire organization a snap.

Created for Headphones and Headsets

Sennheiser, Beats, Razer, Sony, Gaming headsets, Audio-Technica, AKG - every type of headphone and headset fits on Posto - large and small. We created the newest version to handle all weights and sizes and still look awesome while doing it.

Keep Your Headphones Clean and Pristine

Up and off of the desk and your headphones are much less susceptible to dirt, grime, water & drinks, and spilled food. Your headphones and headsets are fantastic looking, and Posto keeps them high and isolated from anything lurking on your desk.

Simple Assembly - Ready to Go in Less Than 30 Seconds

3 easy parts to snap together, and you're ready to go. No tools required or difficult parts or things to stick on. Posto was designed to be assembled by anybody - young or old. In just seconds, your new Posto will be up and running. We guarantee you'll have the most beautiful (yes, we're a little biased) desktop headphone and headset stand available today.