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over 15 years of creating, building, and perfecting the art of organizing cable clutter.

Posto 2.0

The Posto 2.0 is a headphone stand with a simple, clean, modern design that holds wired and wireless headphones of all sizes. The Integrated wire wrap ensures your cables are always within reach.

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Cable Coil protecting laptop cable.

New Product

CableCoil Mini Now Available

CableCoil Mini is a colorful cable protector that is quick and easy to install.

cablebox mini station with integrated device holder.

New Product

CableBox Mini Station Now Available!

Designed for your desktop to hide power strips, chargers, and more. Integrated device stands on the top hold your smartphones, tablets, and notebooks.

messy cables


Poor Cable Management - Risks

Three main areas for cable-related accidents and how you can quickly and easily solve them.

cable drops organization on desk


5 Ways to Clear Cable Clutter

Even though we try to go as wireless as possible, there are still plenty of cords snaking around our desks. It's time to manage these misfit cords once and for all.

How to Cable Manage a Desk

Taming the mess of cables on your desk is easier and quicker than you think. For 14 years, Bluelounge has been the leader in finding beautiful, minimalistic ways to tame headphones, ethernet cables, peripheral wires, mice cables, and TV wires.

DIY cable management can be a quick process. Categorize your efforts into these areas: #1 - Figuring out which cables you need at your fingertips. #2 - Grouping Power strips and plugs together. #3 - Cable routing and bunching together cables. Learning how to cable manage a nest of cables won't be hard with Bluelounge's easy solutions. We designed these because we felt the same frustration you do and wanted our home offices and home theaters to look minimalist and clean.

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Thoughtful Design - Thoughtful Materials

We work tirelessly to achieve the perfect balance between minimalistic design, simple ease of use, long-lasting fire retardant materials, and sustainably sourced renewable components. Our fantastic design team continually explore and refine ways to eliminate cable clutter and keep your space organized.

Minimalistic Bags and Sleeves

Our Laptop Sleeves and Totes are thoughtfully crafted using 100% PET Recycled Materials. Designed to fit seamlessly into a busy lifestyle, our minimalistic, eco-friendly bags are the perfect protection for your gear.

Charging and Mouse Cables

Desk cable management doesn't have to be a headache. Bluelounge products offer a quick, easy solution to an otherwise time-consuming task. Our durable products are perfect for keeping your desk free of clutter from desktop cords, phone chargers, headphone wires, and more.

Home Theater Cable Management

TV cable management is a breeze with Bluelounge cable management products. Our easy to use solutions are especially suited for tidying up wall-mounted TVs where cable creep can be an eyesore. Check out the Soba, Cable Ties, and Cable Drop products to get started.